Timothy TangyeChief Technology Officer, Chief Security Officer

    Timothy Tangye

    Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security Officer

    Tim Tangye joined the Spectrum Gaming Group in 2016 with its acquisition of NFC Global. Tangye has more than 30 years of professional experience in information technology, holds A+ and Network+ certifications, and has been with NFC Global since 1991. His educational background in information technology and criminal justice as well as eight years of police training with the Law Enforcement Explorers of two different municipalities combine to form a unique mix of skills and knowledge well suited to support Spectrum and NFC’s investigative businesses.

    While at NFC Global, Tangye has developed software systems to identify and detect fraud in financial services loan applications, as well as the fraudulent use of cellular telecommunications. Both of these systems were commercialized and sold to leading companies in their respective industries. He was the co-architect of NFC’s WebProducts™ online ordering, tracking and case management system.

    Tangye has conducted computer investigations; including assisting a major Legal and Risk Management information provider with a multi-state investigation to identify and successfully prosecute a computer hacker involved in data and identity theft activity. He was also responsible for the identification and location of a suspect making death threats against a contestant for a major pageant organization. Tangye also assisted a university with the investigation of internal misuse of computing resources, leading to the identification and termination of the employee involved.

    Prior to joining NFC, Tangye served as a computer programmer at Automatic Forecasting Systems, a statistical forecasting software company, where he developed software to automate time series analysis.

    Tangye graduated from the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Technology. He also studied at Bucks County Community College with a focus on Criminal Justice, Statistics, and Fortran Programming.

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