Asaka IshiyamaSenior Vice President, Japan

    Asaka Ishiyama

    Senior Vice President, Japan

    Asaka Ishiyama has more than 35 years of hands-on business experience in real estate, construction, financing, and business both at foreign capital and Japanese companies, with extensive exposures to American, Australian, Southeast Asianand South Asian business cultures.

    Ishiyama previously was the head of Citigroup asset management group, where he directed and managed debt/real investment investments in Japan.

    Ishiyama worked with major foreign and Japanese real estate investors/developers, and involved in major asset acquisition, planning/development, operation, management, restructuring/refinancing and disposition both at home and abroad. The properties Ishiyama has concerned with diversify highly from urban commercial complex development including casino facility to world-class luxury beach/golf/ski mountain resorts.   

    Ishiyama holds USCPA and a Japan Real Estate Brokerage License. He graduated from Sophia University in Japan.

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